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It’s time for May bundles!

May bundles are here for a limited time.
2 days ago

Zirene breaks down G2 vs. SKT

This week on The Breakdown, we’ll take a closer look at a pivotal team fight from the 2017 MSI Finals.
2 days ago

Challenger Series Qualifier Live Stream

The EU Challenger Series Qualifier Stream is now live!
2 days ago

Champion and skin sale: 26.05 - 29.05

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time.
2 days ago

Taking another look at subclasses

We’re taking another look at subclasses and making some changes
3 days ago

Get ready for Rift Rivals

How will your region stack up against its fiercest esports adversaries? It’s time to set the record straight at our new cross-regional event, Rift Rivals. Rift Rivals will be held across the world during July 3-9.
4 days ago

2017-18 esports events update and Rift Rivals

We’re making some immediate changes to the upcoming 2017-18 calendar, including introducing a new regional clash called Rift Rivals in July.
4 days ago

The Penta - MSI Knockout Stage

Check out the top 5 plays from the Knockout Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational in this week's episode of The Penta.
4 days ago